Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello Kitty-Kitty

Why is it when something is discontinued, especially in the crafting industry, there is always a mad rush to purchase the item(s)?  Did we need it before the "status update"?  Why do we need it now?  I'd like to say that I don't fall into this category but unfortunately for me, I do. 

I have always thought that Hello Kitty was kind of cute but was just not as crazed as others seemed.  I didn't understand the desire to have everything pink and kitty.  I did "get it" that small, delicate things were cute and therefore I wanted them.  I did not, however, ever purchase them because my eyes were always much bigger than my bank account.  So, when I saw a Hello Kitty Cricut cartridge from Provo Craft, I was, needless to say, perplexed.  Is the price reasonable?  Um, no.  Most of the cartridges are not.  Is it something that I would use on a regular basis?  Um, no.  Again, who needs things pink and kitty all the time!  So, when the opportunity presented itself, sadly, I passed...again.

I never thought I would regret this decision; that is, until it was...ta da...discontinued.  Now that the cartridge is discontinued, I want it!  I want it really bad.  So bad to pay for the outrageous prices on eBay?  Um, no.  Unfortunately, aforementioned bank account is still not as big as I'd need it to be to purchase this particular item.  We're talking a week or two of groceries people...for one cartridge!

Luckily, however, I happened upon a blog that used Make the Cut software some time ago.  So I purchased it!  Smartest, most economical, purchase I have ever made.  I can make Hello Kitty, rather, MY version of Hello Kitty.  I'll call her Hello Kitty-Kitty.  This software has forever changed me!  I can not stop thinking about all the possibilities!  (Provided, of course, that I do not sell them.  After all, some of these things are copyrighted.)

So, the point of this post, is this.  If you'd like to use my version of a pink kitty, one I call Hello Kitty-Kitty, be my guest!  I just ask one thing of you...okay, two.  Number 1:  Please do not sell this file.  I don't want to get sued by anyone.  Did I mention my bank account status?  Number 2:  Post a comment.  Let me know what you think.  Or better yet, send me a picture of a craft using my file!


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